At Long Last Jedi

Fritz and Duke take on The Last Jedi, The Handmaid's Tale, and some recent awards nominations.


Reel Gents NYE Special Edition

Duke's wife Haley recounts all 84 films she watched in 2017.


Samuel L. Jackson as a Romulan

Duke and guest gent Tom Dotan discuss the backlash to The Last Jedi (no spoilers), the Fox/Disney deal, and the first round of major awards nominations.


An Unmitigated Disaster

Fritz and Duke talk (in the same room) Lady Bird, Justice League, and how many movies Fritz needs to catch on as awards season is upon us.


That's Not Gold

Fritz and Duke take on female driven comedy, Larry David's recent works, and more Star Trek and Orville updates.


Peugeot 2049

Travis and guest gent Tom Dotan discuss the state of TWC, Blade Runner 2049, and Jared Leto's beard.


Doug Jones is a Gift

The gents discuss The Orville, Rotten Tomatoes, Mother!, and Star Trek Discovery.



Yes, It's All Star Trek

Fritz and Travis discuss the pilot episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.



Fritz Kinda Liked It

In this podcast, Fritz and Travis discuss the current state of immersive promotional experiences and Zack Snyder gone wild.

Movies discussed: Batman v Superman and Avatar



Hans Zimmer: Genius or Menace?

In this podcast, Fritz and Travis discuss the merits of a moody superhero and what Nolan has to do to win Fritz back.

Movies discussed: Dunkirk and Man of Steel


That's Another Podcast

In this podcast, Fritz and Travis discuss the future of the Kelvin universe, the value of multi-platform franchises, and justification of diegetic music.

Movies discussed: Star Trek: Discovery, Spiderman: Homecoming, & Baby Driver

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